It’s time. Our Savior is ready for another big step in ministry. We continue to see how our dynamic and growing ministry is reaching the lost and providing a solid Christian environment for families to learn, live and share Christ. We can take this next step in confidence and faith, trusting that we do this TOGETHER – with Christ, in Hope, and for the Next Generation!
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The generations before us each had their moment of opportunity to grow and strengthen the ministry. This is our time. We want a thriving, healthy, faithful, vibrant Our Savior Lutheran Church and School for the next generation or until our Lord returns.

We are inviting all members, friends, and supporters of our ministry to participate in some way. It is an opportunity for tremendous spiritual growth as we consider our priorities, loosen our grip on material things, and seek first the Kingdom of God. I pray that each of you will be challenged, strengthened, and blessed through this big step of faith.

Let’s come Together in this and see how the Lord will continue to bless and build His Kingdom here!