Mission to Middelburg

Our Savior has partnered with St. Peter Confessional Lutheran Church in Middelburg, South Africa, for mutual encouragement, prayer, and support in sharing the Gospel and making disciples of all nations. 
St. Peter Confessional Lutheran Church was founded in 1989 by Pastor Mandla Khumalo, a graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, IN. Their congregation worships nearly 1,000 people each Sunday, and is reaching out to their community through social ministry, missionary training, vocational training, Bethel Preschool, and since 2011 through a grade school called St. Peter Christian College.
Pastor Khumalo has visited Our Savior several times over the years, and in August of 2006, a team from Our Savior went on a mission trip to Middelburg and other parts of South Africa sharing Christ through baseball clinics. 
Our Kindergarten teacher, Miss Kylie Allen, and our 3rd Grade teacher, Miss Kate Miller, will be joining a mission team from St. Peter Lutheran Church and School in Arlington Heights, IL, to Middelburg in July, 2017, where they will provide professional development for teachers at St. Peter Christian College and learn of the mission opportunities there.
IMG_3814What YOU can do:


  1. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ at St. Peter Confessional Lutheran Church, that the Holy Spirit would continue to fill them and use them for the sharing of the Gospel.
  2. Pray for the students and teachers at Bethel Preschool and St. Peter Christian College, as they learn, live and share Christ with their community.
  3. Pray for a mutually beneficial partnership with Our Savior and St. Peter, that we would encourage one another and grow together in faith, love, and witness.


  1. img_3133About Miss Allen’s trip in July, 2016, by checking out her blog, Mission to Middelburg: Summer 2016.
  2. About St. Peter Christian College by going to the You Tube channel of Drew Berson, Business Manager. 


  1. To Kylie and Kate's trip expenses through Sunday morning offering (please label "South Africa") or via the church office.
  2. To the Here We Stand Pledge Drive – Here We Give, which will support the Michigan District’s mission work, which includes Middelburg, South Africa
  3. To Our Savior’s third trimester chapel offering, which goes to support mission work in Middelburg.