Jesus is Alive!

It was so very unexplainable, but to the eyewitnesses it was also unmistakable. Jesus rose from the dead! And that meant hope. That meant life. That meant forgiveness and new starts. It still means all this and more to us today.

The Resurrection of Jesus is the greatest event in human history, because the Creator who came down to rescue His creation overcame the power of death and the grave. Jesus is ALIVE and on the loose! And He is now bringing hope, life, and light to all who put their faith in Him.

We invite you to learn, live, and share Christ with us at Our Savior Lutheran Church and School. We are a faith community that is ALIVE and growing, eager to share the good news of Jesus and the love of God.

Learn more about our ministry on our website, and please join us for worship:
9:30am: Blended Worship
7:00pm: Traditional Worship

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